Pauline Mawson, Clinical Psychologist

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Psychotherapy Services

"Tired of the old descriptions of the world…"
Wallace Stevens, The Latest Freed Man

As a Clinical Psychologist, Pauline offers a range of services which may include, but are not limited to and depend on the presenting problem and needs of the client(s):

  • Individual psychotherapy/counselling for children (play therapy), adolescents and adults;
  • Family therapy/counselling;
  • Couples therapy/counselling;
  • Parental guidance and support;
  • Diagnosis where applicable for treatment and management purposes;
  • Psychological/psychometric assessments;
  • Medico-Legal and Forensic assessments/evaluations (criminal and civil);
  • Supervision for counselors and psychologists;

Referrals to appropriate agencies (professionals and organizations) are made, with your permission, should psychotherapy\counselling or any other intervention that a Clinical Psychologist can provide, not be appropriate for you or would work best in conjunction with the assistance of another professional. Pauline also discusses this in depth with you and tries to provide you with the best possible referral.  

Prior to the commencement of psychotherapy/counselling it is in your best interests to know what your rights and responsibilities are and you are required to sign an Informed Consent Form/Professional Agreement. This outlines your right to confidential treatment, the limits on confidentiality as well as the settlement of your account. You can download the form and bring it with to your first session. Please feel free to discuss any concerns or queries with your Clinical Psychologist/Pauline.

Published Articles & Presentations:

Please download the Informed Consent Form.