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Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments are offered at the psychology practice for a variety of difficulties and serve a variety of purposes. Mainly, except for Forensic Assessments, psychometric assessments inform interventions and treatment plans and can be useful for the workplace, for correct school placements and when children and adolescents experience difficulties at school (concentration and attention, memory problems, poor school performance) etc.

Psychological/Psychometric assessments typically involve a number of questions being asked about the reason that you were referred and your background history. Other forms of psychological assessments may involve psychological testing\psychometric assessments such as intellectual, emotional, personality and neuropsychological.

Please do not hesitate to discuss any of the above with Pauline should you have any questions/concerns. Prior to the start of psychotherapy/psychological assessments, you are required to sign a consent form that will be discussed with you. You can download the form and bring it with you at the first session.

Forensic and medico-legal assessments may be required in custody situations, to assist in determining full or partial parental rights and responsibilities, access rights etc.

Medico-legal assessments can also be required for the use of disability claims.

Furthermore, forensic and medico-legal assessments\evaluations may be required from a qualified Clinical Psychologist in order to determine fitness and responsibility in criminal cases and in situations whereby a report compiled by a Clinical Psychologist is required in a court of law.

The psychology practice offers:

Please feel free to contact Pauline regarding the fee charged for psychometric assessments as well as forensic and medico-legal assessments/evaluations.

Please download the Informed Consent Form