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Psychotherapy - Clinical Specialties

"Some may perhaps be startled, and cry, "How comes this sudden change?"
To which I answer, "I am a changeling." I think that is a full answer."
Andrew Marvell, The King's Speech


The choice to enter into a psychotherapy process can be a meaningful, yet sometimes difficult decision. Individuals may enter into psychotherapy/counselling for different reasons. Some may want to learn how to cope with a difficult life transition or crisis or something traumatic or life changing may have happened. Others may choose to enter into a psychotherapeutic process for their own personal growth and development. Whatever the reason, the psychotherapeutic process is ideally a process that should allow an individual, couple or family the opportunity to grow, develop and find meaning in life and/or through a current or past difficulty or challenge in an empathic, non-judgemental and confidential environment. The process should be a collaborative one between the client and the therapist.

Different Clinical Psychologists/Psychotherapists are trained to work in different ways, known as paradigms. Pauline works mainly from a psychodynamic paradigm and combines this with ecosystemic work especially when working with families.

The psychodynamic paradigm allows Pauline to work mostly in an insight–orientated and supportive therapeutic manner, which allows the client(s) to facilitate growth, meaning and understanding through self–understanding and self-exploration in a contained environment. The therapeutic process may range from short–term, medium–term, to more long–term work depending on the client and the reason for wanting to enter into a psychotherapeutic process.

Ecosystemic therapy is holistic in nature and involves viewing all parts of the system that an individual is a part of and the impact of that system on the individual and vica-versa.

Special interests of the psychotherapy practice:

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