Pauline Mawson, Clinical Psychologist

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Family Therapy

Family therapy is a useful form of systems theory that can help to resolve conflict in family situations that may be causing relational stress. It can also be useful in terms of improving communication between family members. Although family therapy does, in some cases, include all members of the family, it is also possible to conduct therapy with just some of the family members, depending on the situation, as well as the willingness of family members to participate. Family therapy may be recommended in cases where families are going through stressful problems (such as financial or marital), in cases where relationships are dysfunctional in a healthy manner, or in any case where family members are struggling with grief or conflict.

Pauline is also the director/founder of East Rand Family Therapy, located in Benoni, which is a network of psychologists that run family therapy sessions. The traditional family therapy model of a therapist and co-therapist in the room with the family and a reflecting team behind the one-way mirror is used.